Active Bending Pavilion

Active Bending Pavilion

Arquia XIV + Transformables 2013 contests: lightweight construction system for temporary architecture

‘Modular, lightweight, transformable’

The active bending principle takes advantage of the properties of elastic materials to generate curved geometries from straight elements. Its application permit the approach to new structural typologies, innovates in the use of materials and allows the section reduction of the resistant components.

Thus, a flexible and efficient building system is designed for an architecture proposal in which form, structure and space are the same thing. The place is built through the combination of this modular system, through an organic methodology that shapes, in a responsive way to the physical environment, specific solutions, adaptable to the idiosyncrasy of any site. The transfer of materials from other industries, prefabrication and innovation in the processes allow a system of itinerant character with pre-established life cycle.

Date: 05/13.
Type: competition for architecture students.
Program: design of a modular construction system.
Organizers: Arquia Foundation (XIV Contest), Transformables 2013.
Publication: ‘STAR: Structural Architecture’ #14 Concurso de estudiantes para una arquitectura transformable. Seville: Starbooks, 2013.
Exhibition: Transformables 2013 Congress, ETSA Seville.
Software: AutoCAD, Rhino Membrane, V-Ray, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

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