Arquia XVII contest: a place of silence inside the overwhelming city

‘A secular chapel’

The project proposes not to interrupt the concept of urban canopy continuity that is going to be developed in the area. For this purpose the project buried itself, looking for the primitive man’s hut: the cave. As the hermits of the antiquity did, the ground is carved looking inside the earth for a place to reach the heaven.

It is a stereotomic architecture, which seeks contact with the elemental. This anti-speed capsule is hidden under the hostility of the city and isolated from all those agents of distraction that prevent us from connecting with ourselves in our days.

Looking for recognizable proportions, the diameters of the ring hallway and the apse of Sta Maria del Mar church are adopted and transposed to the place, forming a buried spherical dome where is acceded descending.

By two helical ramps, the spirit is gradually prepared to get in touch with himself, arriving to a place of reflection which is mysteriously perceived from the outside.

This architectural ritual immerses the individual in a perceptual mood: in the fragility of the darkness broken by the light ray, the crypt hide what we are looking for: only space, silence, light, and ourselves. Like in the Anselm Kiefer canvas ‘Die berühmten Orden der Nacht’, a place that contains the entire universe.

Date: 04/16.
Type: competition for architecture students.
Location: Plaça Glòries, Barcelona (Spain).
Organizer: Arquia Foundation (XVII Contest).
Software: AutoCAD, Rhino, V-Ray, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

Plaça Glòries Catalanes. 08013 Barcelona (Spain) 41°24’13”N / 2°11’15”E

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