La Florida Cohousing

La Florida Cohousing

Cooperative for housing, commercial and productive spaces in the city center

‘Housing in the XXI century’

In Seville, in the old block known as ‘la Florida’ it is proposed the re-habilitation of this urban enclave through a sustainable cooperative housing project.

The most singular characteristics of the lot are its triangular perimeter and the island situation with respect to the urban context. Due to this, the project solution seeks to optimize the volume of the building to accommodate the housing and productive program areas, using as project strategy a central space of collective character around which the multiple activities of its inhabitants will be carried out throughout the day.

In this way, the building preserves the preexisting facade and grows inside. The north and west volumes adopt the maximum height allowed and include the collective and private housing program, while the southeast volume has a lower height and receives part of the program of productive spaces, which is also distributed around the rest of the ground floor. This form is broken in the east vertex, giving its interior to the city. Thus, the block typology with galleries for the two residential modules gets better orientation, while the coworking space gains independence and the different gradients of collective space allow the flexibility of use.

The versatility of the program supports the sustainability of the proposal, generates alternatives to the obsolete real estate market and helps to create city and regenerate the socio-economic activity.

Date: course 15-16.
Type: master thesis project (PFC).
Location: old block ‘la Florida’, Seville (Spain).
Program, area: building restoration for housing, productive areas and public space, 12000 m².
Institution: ETSA University of Seville.
Tutor: Marta Pelegrín.
Grade: outstanding (9/10).
Software: Allplan, Rhino, V-Ray, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CYPECAD, CYPECAD MEP.

La Florida. 41003 Seville (Spain) 37°23’18”N / 5°59’3”W

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