One Tree Table

One Tree Table

RIVA1920 1st design award: furniture piece made of ecological wood

‘Back to the Roots’

The idea is simple: not to conceive a series of original products, but unique objects. Make each piece different, just as each tree differs from the next.

The proposal suggests a return to the origins, the traditional crafts, learn from the old masters but innovating in the manufacturing processes.

Through simple operations, the tree trunk is cut into tables that become the tabletop, while the knot branches or the stem of the roots are transformed into the supporting foot. All parts are joined together by pressure joints made with wedge-shaped pieces of the same material, without adding other secondary materials or adhesives. That way it is a solid wood table that, conceptually, only consists of one single piece.

The object is manufactured taking into account aesthetically important factors, such as the direction of the grain of the chosen oak wood.

Date: 02/14.
Type: contest for young designers.
Product: design of an ecological furniture piece.
Organizer: RIVA1920 1st Design Award ‘Light up your idea’.
Exhibition: Salone del Mobile Milano 2014.
Software: Rhino, Keyshot, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

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