Spatial Intensifiers

Spatial Intensifiers

Deep surface morphologies & 'La Tour de l'Architecte'

‘Space and Material’

In the scope of the research ‘deep surface morphologies’, carried out at the ICD and ITKE institutes at the University of Stuttgart, about innovative space systems based on the use of new materials and computational design, the design of an architectural device is proposed to be inserted in an old fortified tower which design might be attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. Thus, the project is based on a lightweight intervention that qualifies the interior space of the existing massive construction, establishing a nexus between both opposed material systems.

The device results in a combination of systems of different scales based on the principle of active bending applied on elastic materials. So it adjusts to the interior geometry of the tower, only seeking the minimum points of support to implant a structure that endows the original construction with exhibition functions, also implementing material shortcomings in an economic and non-permanent way.

Date: WS 11-12.
Type: academic studio project.
Location: le Château, Monthoiron (France).
Program: computational design and material research for lightweight temporary intervention in antique tower.
Institutions: ICD (Institute for Computational Design), ITKE (Institut für Tragkonstruktionen und Konstruktives Entwerfen), University of Stuttgart (Germany).
Client: Armbruster family, ‘La Tour-Forteresse’ Foundation.
Professors: Achim Menges, Jan Knippers.
Assisting tutors: Sean Ahlquist, Julian Lienhard.
Project team: David Cappo, Ángel Pontes, Andreas Schönbrunner.
Grade: excellent (10/10).
Publication: ‘Spatial Intensifiers’ The Development of Deep Surface Membrane Systems. Stuttgart: ICD/ITKE Universität Stuttgart, 2012.
Software: Processing, Grasshopper, Vectorworks, Rhino, 3ds Max, V-Ray, Ecotect, Vasari, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.
Webs: ICD, ITKE, Uni Stuttgart.

Le Château. 86210 Monthoiron (France) 46°44’0”N / 0°36’38”E


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